bmi calculator

About the Site

This site was created because there didn't seem to be a BMI calculator that allowed a user to enter their weight and height in their preferred units. If you knew your height in cm but your weight in pounds for example, you would have to spend extra time converting one of the values from Imperial to Metrc or vice versa.

Since I have a 'bit of a thing' about creating solutions to annoying little problems, I decided to write this, rather than spend time looking for a BMI calculator that would actually do what I wanted. Some say this is OCD. They may be right.

The Geeky Bit

Originally written entirely in JavaScript, this version of the BMI Calculator site was recreated in PHP and displayed using XHTML and CSS. It was developed on Apache 2.2 running on Windows XP and currently runs on CentOs. Total dev time was approx 8 hours.

Contact the Owner

You can email me at webmaster [at] bmi calculator [dot] me [dot] uk. You may even receive a reply.

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